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Soho Keramik Cattelan Italia


Soho Keramik Table Cattelan Italia, made with base in embossed painted steel. Marmi ceramic top in different finishes.


Soho Keramik Table Cattelan Italia


Soho Keramik table Cattelan Italia with a modern and original design emphasized by the particular and elegant base. Made with embossed painted steel base in different colours and Marmi ceramic top in different finishes. Soho Keramik table is perfectly suitable for the living area of the house which gives it a touch of elegance and refinement.


Soho Keramik table Cattelan Italia has the base in embossed painted steel in the following finishes:

  • bronze;
  • titanium;
  • graphite;
  • black.

The top is available in Marmi ceramic in the following finishes:

  • Calacatta (KM01)
  • Alabastro (KM02)
  • Ardesia (KM04)
  • Golden Calacatta opaco (KM05)
  • Golden Calacatta lucido (KM06)
  • Portoro opaco (KM07)
  • Portoro lucido (KM08)
  • Sahara Noir lucido (KM09)
  • Emperador (KM10) 
  • Makalu (KM11)
  • Arenal (KM13).


Available in the folloing sizes:

  • Ø140x75h
  • Ø158x75h





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