All products will be delivered with a regular sales invoice, valid for a 24 months warranty on all manufacturing defects, according to the Italian Consumers Code; for all purchases with an invoice issued to a company or to a professional with VAT number, the warranty will be valid for 12 months.

Products have to be used properly, in compliance with their destination of usage and maintenance: packages have always to contain a product card with related indications; should it not be present, customers have the responsibility to contact our Customer Care. ItalianFurnitureTrading constantly works to operate in the fastest way possible: at the same time we have to refer to our suppliers according to their producing and managing terms. In case the replacement or repairing of a product (or part of it) requires the return of the damaged piece, customers have the responsibility to adequately pack the elements to be returned to avoid further damages and to pay for the return of the product; costs related to repairing (for materials and labor) and the costs of shipping back the product will be charged to ItalianFurnitureTrading.

The consumer may require the seller to repair the product or replace it at no charge in either case, unless the remedy requested is impossible or disproportionate to the other . Any repair or replacement shall be completed within a reasonable time after the request of the consumer.

Possible Anomalies After Delivery

This point shows the assistance ItalianFurnitureTrading gives to customers after Delivery: these procedures do not by any means limit Warranty Rights which are acknowledged by the Consumers Code, but they have to be intended as a common ground where Customers can receive the best possible assistance.

During the unloading, assembling and the period immediately after the conclusion of the assembling process, Customers are bound to follow every step of our RECEVING AND INSPECTING GOODS area: in this way they will receive the best assistance from our Customer Care resulting completely covered both in case of manufacturing defects and transport damages (which are not frequent but at the same time neither impossible).

In case a Customer does not follow all the steps stated in the procedure it may not be possible to properly assign the responsibility regarding the specific issue. In some cases the Customer can be asked to contribute to the possible replacement costs; ItalianFurnitureTrading always works with the satisfaction of its customers in mind, reserving the right to consider each case singularly.

Basically, this procedure serves the purpose to confirm our Customer Care that specific issues have not be caused by the customer himself (or a delegated person): each procedure has been specifically thought to protect in the most effective way our customers.

The replacement of damaged or faulty parts requires slightly inferior or even the same times as the ones needed for production, since most of the products are custom-made and delivery terms remain the same as well. The replacement process starts once we receive the photographic documentation that must be sent to us soon after the delivery. ItalianFurnitureTrading works as quickly as possible in order to reduce waiting times.

In case the replacement of a product (or part of it) requires the return of the damaged piece, customers have the responsibility to adequately pack the elements to avoid damages; in case ItalianFurnitureTrading does not ask for the return of the product or part it, it is up to the customer to dispose of the damaged parts. ItalianFurnitureTrading will provide by email the necessary labels to print and attach to each single package.

Right of Withdrawal

Goods are produced on order. Therefore it is not possible to accept the return unless the product is different from the ordered one or it is damaged. In such case, it is mandatory to make a claim within 14 working days since the reception of the goods (date attested on the delivery document).

Verify the number of packages: if the number does not correspond to the one stated on the freight bill please write there's a missing package on the invoice.

Verify the external condition of the packages: if the packages are not intact and show dents, damages, tore or wet parts it is mandatory to sign the fright bill as "Received damaged / wet packages - content unchecked", we will not accept generic reasons but only specific ones. In case the product has a visible anomaly please write "damaged product". This is possible within 7 days period starting from the delivery day, after that it won’t be possible to be compensated.

Return policy

Do not remove any label or seal from the item, it is extremely important to receive goods in the same condition as the customer, including packaging. Other kind of packaging is not allowed.

Returned goods have to be delivered from the courier within 14 working days since delivery day ( this will be attested from the date on the delivery document).

All the items or more pieces of the same item should be delivered just in one and only shipment.

Once that goods come back to our warehouse , after a total checking of it , ItalianFurnitureTrading will provide the customer with a refund by bank transfer or by PayPal or credit card.

On the returned goods’ document it is possible to find all the details necessary to organize goods’ picking up date.

Send your return to ItalianFurnitureTrading.com

On the return form you will find the detail of the information that will help you to arrange collection of the goods. Please note that the return must be shipped to the country where the order was delivered.