Shipment and delivery


One of our most important features concerns the care and attention we attach to the packaging of our items to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

All of our products are packed with extreme accuracy. The shipment of each item involves the use of safer packaging techniques (pluriball, styrofoam, lining in wooden crates, immobilizing packing on platforms, etc.) all to ensure the arrival in perfect condition.

We recommend always to sign the fright bill at the time of delivery with the following statement: "Received damaged / wet packages - content unchecked" so that you can enforce the insurance and receive the replacement of the damaged goods.

The communication of any anomalies or damages due to transport must be carried out promptly to our offices pending the loss of the right to compensation.

Procedure for contesting anomalies and damages

Upon receipt of goods, the customer must check the number of packages and report the receipt of any missing packages.

Check the status of the packages. If the packaging presents any anomalies, please write down the details in the courier bulletin.

In that case, photograph the packages outwards, before opening them.

It is advisable to pay attention to the opening of the packaging to avoid damage to the items by using cutters or other (damage not covered by warranty).

Check for any product faults before starting assembly. If present, photograph the object.

Until the end of assembly and verification of each part, keep the original packaging for any replacement or rendering of the goods.

For any information or clarification please contact us.

For complaints about malfunctions and damages please refer to the CHECKING AND CONTROL PROCEDURE page.

Shipments with courier furnishings and insured

ItalianFurnitureTrading always ships with specialized couriers to ensure the level of service and integrity of the product.

All shipments are made with All Risk insurance. The cost of insurance on freight transport is included in the sales price of the products, therefore in charge of ItalianFurnitureTrading.

Telephone notice

The customer receives an email of shipment, then the courier gives a telephone notice (normally the day before delivery) indicating the time zone and the day from Monday to Friday (important to specify a mobile always reachable).

It is not a delivery by appointment: customer availability is certainly considered by the courier but compatible with the delivery plans.

The courier service is guaranteed in the sales price of the products, so it is up to ItalianFurnitureTrading.

Shipping Times

Shipment times are indicated on the card of each product. In some cases, the specified days include the days of production or supply of the goods.


Delivery by specialized courier is exclusively at the road level because the courier is not authorized to supply the goods to the plans. If necessary, the customer must take care of the withdrawal of the goods, sometimes by providing other people according to the size and weight of the items purchased. In the "Additional Information" of the Product Cards you will normally find information on the number of packages and the weight. No deliveries are made to the plan.


All our products are delivered already assembled or pre-assembled. Each package is accompanied by simple language mounting instructions that will also allow the less experienced customer to be able to mount the assembly. Our customer service, reachable by telephone, however, will be at your complete disposal to facilitate your task.

Validity of the Warranty

All products are accompanied by a regular sales invoice valid for 24 months warranty on defective compliance.

In the immediate period following delivery, it is necessary to follow the CHECKING AND CONTROL PROCEDURE. We advise you to take a look even before delivery to know the attentions to follow and receive the best possible assistance.