General Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchasing on ItalianFurnitureTrading
  2. Buying Procedure
  3. Order Changes
  4. Products Not Available
  5. Privacy Policy

1 - Purchasing on ItalianFurnitureTrading

ItalianFurnitureTrading items are sold directly by LTL Investment SRL, VAT 026650906649.

The prices quoted in the quote are usually inclusive of VAT; the same total is shown in the order form that the customer has to confirm for the conclusion of the contract.

It is not the purpose of this page to represent all business procedures for customer service: we recommend reading other pages such as: Who We Are, Pricing and Payments, Shipping and Delivery, Guarantees.

LTL Investment SRL is set in via Carpignano, 105, Grottaminarda (AV), 83035.

2 - Buying Procedure

  • In order to successfully complete a buying contract for one or more products on it is necessary to fill in an electronic order form on ItalianFurnitureTrading.
  • The contract will be completed when ItalianFurnitureTrading receives the order properly filled through its web system and the full or down payment.
  • In the unlikely event that, after receiving an order, a product turns out to be unavailable, ItalianFurnitureTrading will proceed with the down payment or the full payment refund.
  • By filling in the electronic order form, customers submit to all General Selling Terms and Conditions present on this page.
  • The online selling contract between Customer and Supplier is intended to be concluded in Italy and ruled by Italian law.
  • In case customers do not submit to all General Selling Terms and Conditions reported, they are asked not to forward the order form but to contact ItalianFurnitureTrading staff for any information.

3 - Order Changes

Order changes are guaranteed as long as the production has not started yet; the production starts once the payment or the down payment has been received. 

ItalianFurnitureTrading is at disposal for any possible order changes, though please remind that these are not always guaranteed and they will be authorized according to the progress of the production process.

Invoicing data inserted during the ordering process can be modified until the issue of the invoice itself.

4 - Products Not Available

ItalianFurnitureTrading constantly works to keep the products database up-to-date. Because of the great number of products and collections we offer, it may rarely happen that some options are not available anymore. In these cases ItalianFurnitureTrading will promptly inform its customers who can decide whether to change the order or to claim for a refund of the amount already transferred. In case of a supply composed by more than one products the refund will concern only the item not available; obviously we will consider every case separately , in case of a possible matching of the items (chairs that match with the table or nightstands that match with the bed, ...)

5 - Privacy Policy

All data are exclusively used to manage customers' orders in the best way. This Directive is not valid for other websites that can be consulted through our links, LTL Investment SRL is not to be held responsible. The company in charge for the processing of personal data on this website is LTL Investment SRL. The processing of personal data connected with this website is treated by LTL Investment SRL employees. No data collected will be communicated or released to third parties. All personal data may be used in case of possible electronic damages. For more information please visit our Privacy Terms page.