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Italian Furniture Trading looks up their business partners in the USA offering the opportunity to buy directly in Italy chairs ans seats Made in Italy. This project offers many advantages, first of all, the possibility to order a few products for article and color (for example: just 4 chairs). The activity is performed directly from Italy to the USA without the help of other intermediaries.
Our company, through its international organization between Italy and USA will take care of shipping, international transport, practices for customs clearance of goods and delivery directly at the warehouses of our partner stores.

The top 10 advantages of this partnership:


1 - Made in Italy products of high quality and design, characterized by a modern style


2 - Wide range of products


3 - Many brands available


4 - Possibility of buying a few products for article and color (even 4 chairs) and of different brands


5 -  Possibility to book the purchase and have certain times for delivery


6 - Direct delivery by courier to your warehouse


7 – No practice for customs clearence


8 - Insured goods on transport and quality


9 - Direct contact with the Italian company with no other importers or intermediaries


10 - Continuous research and development with updates on new brands and new products to
cutting-edge design

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