About Us

Italian Furniture Trading is an endeavour of LTL INVESTMENT SRL.
LTL INVESTMENT SRL is a young and dynamic company of great success in the world of furniture. The strength of this enterprise arises from the innovative spirit that seeks to understand the needs and the continuing market developments through a continuous and a constant research on the technology and the innovation in materials, combined with a unique and elegant style, but above all offering products of high quality and Made in Italy. Through this business setting the LTL INVESTMENT company is already experiencing a great success throughout Europe.
Italian Furniture Trading sets up from the experience in the furniture sector of LTL INVESTMENT SRL and intends to give the possibility to the collaborators in the USA to provide themselves of products Made in Italy with modern design and high quality standards.
Italian Furniture Trading suggests 10 catalogues of 10 brands Made in Italy among which it is possible choosing chairs and seats with different types and materials. In addition to the chairs with a modern style, padded and upholstered in genuine leather or hide leather, suitable for indoor, it is possible buying products made of polycarbonate, polypropylene and lighting seat that can be used both inside and outside, with strong application in public places such as bars and restaurants.
IFT also offers the possibility to have periodically other proposals for catalogs and updated products with the new trends of design and in collaboration with the manufacturers special offers of products with discounted prices.

Mail: info@italianfurnituretrading.com
Phone Number: 011.39.0825.450112 - 011.39.320.9114284
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